Step 1. Add the Manus Core Unity plugin to your project.

Step 2. Select the left or right hand of the user in your Unity project.  

Add the Manus “Hand” script as a component to the hand and select the type of hand (left hand or right hand). If you have multiple users, change the User Index to the # of the user. 

Add the Manus “Hand (Haptic)” script as a component to the hand. 

Make sure the hand has a “Rigidbody” script in the components. 

Repeat this step for the other hand.

Step 3. Select the finger bone of the hand which you want to trigger the Haptic feedback on per individual finger. For example, the tip of each finger. For each individual fingertip add the “Finger (Haptics)” script and select what type of finger it is (thumb, index, middle, etc.)

Step 4. Add a collision component to the fingertip, for example a capsule collider. Make sure that the “Is Trigger” function is active.  

Step 5. Add the “Collision Area” to the object which should trigger the haptic feedback. 

That’s it! Your haptic feedback should be working.