Before you start calibrating your Prime II gloves, it is important to calibrate the IMU sensors. To do so, rotate your wrist in a way that your fingertips draw an infinity symbol:

In addition to that, you can clench your fist a couple of times and rotate the wrist

  • Do it for 30-60 seconds or until you see the fingers stay in position and no longer drift into unwanted directions. 

  • This has to be done every time the glove is turned on. This step also helps to ensure the most natural position of the glove on the hand. 

  • Don’t adjust the position of the glove too much before the next step.

When calibrating:

1. Don't assume the pose too quickly, do it when the bar on the "Assume pose" screen is about halfway through. If you keep the pose for too long, it may impact the calibration outcome. 


2. Don't clench your fist too hard when bent/overbend the fingers too much when straight. During the first and second step the 0 and 1 positions for the 4 fingers are set, and during the second and third pose, the 0 and 1 position for the thumb is set. It is crucial to not keep the fingers in unnatural positions (unnatural=when it is really uncomfortable to hold the position for a longer period of time). 

  • In the first pose, your fingertips should just rest on the palm of your hand and the thumb should rest flat on the side.

  • In the second pose the 4 fingers should be as straight as possible, while the thumb is resting bent in a comfortable position on the palm of your hand (make sure that the stretched fingers are not overbending to the front or the back). 

  • In the third position, the thumb should be stretched to its maximum position, but you don't have to have the 90 degree angle. This step is supposed to measure the maximum stretch of your hand and not make you replicate the pose on screen 1:1. 




After you are done, the calibration is stored on the glove; this process has to be done only once (however, for best results it’s good to recalibrate every once in a while, or when a new user has the glove for the first time).