If you ever have the problem that the animation data is not doing exactly what you want, then you can modify the animation data in your Animation Blueprint.

1. Add the 'Manus Glove' to your animation blueprint.

2. Right click your animation blueprint and search for 'Transform (modify) Bone'.

3. Connect the output of the 'Manus Glove' node to the input of the 'Transform (Modify) Bone' node.

4. Connect the output of the 'Transform (Modify) Bone' node to the 'Final Animation Pose'.

5. Your animation should now look something like this:

6. Select the bone that you want to modify in the 'Transform (Modify) Bone'.

7. Set Rotation Mode to 'Add to Existing' and set Rotation Space to 'Parent Bone Space'.

8. Set the rotation that you want to add to the bone rotation.

9. You are all set!